What is Detroit Bike City.com ?

The site is a goal-driven bulletin-board service for local cyclists. The goal of the site to host a wide range of cycling disciplines & perspectives from varying locations. 

Members are encouraged to curate content locally where they are, so you may find content from St. Claire Shores, Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Downriver etcetera.

The site is designed to present local cycling news in a comprehensive manner. It's capable of broadcasting live media, maps and member merchandise.


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One of the greatest investments an individual or culture can make for it's own safety and prosperity is to secure the stability and advancement of it's neighbors.

MISSION: Establish a formidible dirctory of information for local cyclists, assist in the transformation of Southeast Michigan's transit landscape into one that is bicycle-friendly, serve as a vehicle for civic action.

The site serves as a goal driven bulletin-board service for local cycliing. One of the main objectives is to be an up-do-date information directory for local cyclists.

The site operates with the ubuntu phiosophy that states that when people work together in united cooperation, a beneficial "Win-Win" scenario is forded.

It Started Small

The site's roots begin to take shape sometime in 2008 with a simple tumblr blog. The original tumblr began with a simple but ambitious plan; to serve as an online bulliten-board for local cyclists.

The tumblr successfully served local cyclists for several years and proved to be an excellent presentation device for presenting local cycling, and how it may be improved. But it became obvious later that, if the bulletin-board concept were to continue growing and being successful, the platform would have to be rethought and retooled, and encapsulated in a more formal setting.

Basically that's how DetroitBikeCity.com came to be: a small online bulletin-board platform that can be used to present local cycling to the world. But unlike the tumblr's simple single-user interface, DetroitBikeCity.com is a platform for a multitude of individuals to participate together as a community.

While there are many long-term goals and apsirations for the site, the original goal will remain: For you, the individual, to have a good time while riding your bike in the motor-city!

With the right tool an individual can acheive great things, when many individuals use the the same tool magnificent things can happen!

The Future

The plan is to continue developing and evolving the site as technology progresses.

If you sign-up with to receive the site's newsletter you will be emailed up-to-date information as to how the site is evolving as well as updates from some of the site's members.