Pedal to Porch: Grandmont
Guided tour using the power of storytelling to lower the barrier of connection between neighbors, initiate new conversations, and celebrate neighborhood history.
August 26, 201712:00 PM
August 26, 20173:00 PM
Grandmont Neighborhood
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Grandmont Neighborhood
Guided Tours

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Fenkell & Gilchrist, Detroit, MI, United States
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Fenkell & Gilchrist, Detroit, ... Get Directions

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  • Pedal to Porch is a neighborhood bike ride that includes stops along the route where residents of the neighborhood use their front porch as a space to tell a story.

    Porch stories sometimes are entertaining, educational, socially or politically charged, and sometimes the porch stories are history lessons about the neighborhoods themselves.

    Tours are 4-6 miles,10-15mph and it takes about 3 hours to complete. More details about the Tours @

    ** Currently a tentative Time & Location TBA **
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    Pedal to Porch
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