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Bloomer Park Mountain Bike Trails

345 John R Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, USA   Get Direction


The Bloomer Park Mountain Bike and Cyclocross trails are a fun mix of technical single-tracks, wide scenic routes and double-diamond skills courses. Most of the trails are actively maintained and easy to explore. The main route is about 6.5-miles long. There's a ton of side trails to explore. Riders can follow the signed routes or explore the less-beaten paths.


Bloomer Park covers some +200 acres of land it features all types of outdoor goodies for whole family including a couple giant playscapes for the kids, a couple big party pavilions, there's scenic hiking trails, the clinton river flows right though it, it's cross-country ski-friendly during the winter, there's a couple sledding hills...

The Mountain Biking trails at Bloomer Park is some of the best in Southeast Michigan. The trails are well maintained, challenging and abundant throughout the park. Riders will find a ton of trails to challenge their mountain bking or cyclocross experience including cool switchback decent sections and single-track ridge routes. The trails are perfect for intermediate and entry-level riders. The trails are best when they're dry, they're easily accessible March through October, although if you're up to it you can ride the trails year-round. The sights during the autumn are spectacular.

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  • Chris Schroeder
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  • Bloomer Park
    345 John R Rd, Rochester Hills, MI 48307, USA
What To Look For
  • Switchbacks

    Speedy zig-zag decent 

  • Ridge Routes

    Difficult ridge sections

  • The Velodrome

    Be sure to spec the IVBP

  • Quick ride into Downtown

    Downtown Rochester is just 5 minutes away.