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Tuesday Derby Road Rides

1300 Derby Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009, USA   Get Direction


This Tuesday night 6pm weekday road ride out of Birmingham offers something for every ability; pro to elite, beginner to fitness buffs.


This Tuesday night weekday ride is ran by the O2/Cadieux Bike Club.

The ride offers something for every road-riding ability beginner to pro. There is an A, B and C group depending on ride leaders. (A) riders ride around 25-27mph and are considered the pro/elite class, (B) riders ride at around 17-20mph; it's considered the intermediate group, the (C) riders ride at around 12-15mph.

Note that B & C rides are no-drop rides the rides go as fast as the slowest riders; no-drop rides may occationally stop to regroup. Beginner and Intermediate road riders should opt for the B & C rides to either learn the routes or to practice.

Derby Routes vary based on the group but generally involve laps in and around Oakland University, Auburn Hills Cross Creek Parkway (home of the Debaets Devos race), and the Chrysler Campus. Distance is usually around 35-50 miles depending on the season and weather.

Meetup is at 6pm @ Birmingham's Derby Middle School.

View the Derby Ride @ STRAVA

  • Formal Events
  • Cadieux Bicycle Club
  • Team O2
  • E.J. Levy
  • Derby Middle School
    1300 Derby Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009, USA
What To Look For
  • Legit Pro & Elite Training

    Ride with the pros. Become a pro.

  • Flat & Hilly

    Some of the toughest hills in SE Michigan.

  • Large Group.

    50+ regular riders conservatively.

  • Park at Derby Middle School

    Ride starts @ 6pm

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